Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Huuklyeand Cinquor on Why Valéry Is Still Valid

One thing is clear 
In your work, dude— 
This insistence on purity 

Validates absolutely nothing, 
For nothing is pure 
And it’s certainly not 

Unadulterated horseshit. 

Moderator’s comments: "Hi-ho, Cinquor away!"



  1. We're all forever shoveling out our own kingdom's stables, aren't we, we muscle-headed poets.....

  2. Back-breaking work it isn’t but it’s still heavy stuff and certainly something to muse over as we labor to sweep our mind field clear of any duds passing off as the real thing.

  3. My grandfather, who might have been Greek but wasn't, and who had, as a mere lad, driven a streetcar through streets in which the leavings of an earlier form of transport were never far from sight (among the other senses), always loved to use a two dollar word on a certain special occasion.

    The occasion came whenever the topic of conversation turned to someone who was in the habit of being always annoyingly present, and could not, by any civilized means, be avoided.

    The expression was:

    "He's [or she's, as he case may have been] ubiquitous...

    [long pause]

    ... like horseshit."

  4. I think your grandpa--and I say this with all the reverence I have for older people (Surprise--I'm now one of them, too!)--had "all his shit together"--something that's getting harder to do by the minute, given there's so much of it flying around these days.


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