Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why the Squint-eyed Kid Thinks WCW Wore Corrective Lenses

Wasn’t he the one who said that 
Fuzzy No ideas but in things? 
I guess that’s what makes me 
Think there’s something 
Clearly going on round 
The left lens of my specs. 

So what do I see when 
I take them off for a closer look? 
Two stuck red bugs making 
A fucking spectacle of themselves. 
Man, what a relief! 
All this time I thought 

I was merely seeing things. 


  1. are they still a quarter of an inch thick?

  2. No, Anon (I suspect you're someone from my fuzzy youth, since you mentioned the thickness of my lenses), they are now 6.35 mm on the metric scale! You see, leaving the USA gives one a larger perspective on things.


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