Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lemons Are a Dime a Dozen

Lacking a flashy brand- 
New first line to start 
Their vehicles, most 
Poets traffic in selling you 

On the merits of waiting 
For a killer last, killing 
Time in the meanwhile 
By knocking off lots, 

Lots of lackluster gimcrack,
Secondhand cars. 


  1. Perfect! Now let me get back to my gimcracks....

  2. Please know that this new old kid on the blog, who knocks off more occasional poems than he should (unlike more patient and sagacious purveyors of the trade), will be waiting patiently for you at Pegasus Vehicles, corner of Tin Pan Alley and Parnassus Avenue.

  3. Lots of luck with that but keep in mind what was said about Nixon. :)


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