Sunday, April 5, 2015

Food for Aesthetic Homo Sapient Thought

Coming across photo 
Of beautiful decaying 
Beached albatross 

Carcass, stomach eaten 
Away by engrossing 
Blue yellow red green 

Plastic rot gutting still 
Life work of so much 
Undigested mishmash. 


  1. Food for thought, indeed. Thank you for your lovely comment today.

  2. It's great for the Chinese economy though, the production of all those milli-tonnes of cheapjack plastic junk.

    Forget evolution, it's the GNP matters.

  3. We have more than our share of these cheapjacks moving through the financially bombed-out terrain of Hellas, selling everything imaginable (and affordable!) to down-and-out Greeks at only 1 euro a piece--a real steal and thus a positive contribution to our ailing economy. Confucius say it teaches us how not to squander the little money that eventually trickles down to the hoi polloi.

  4. I hear you, and sympathize.

    Still, it could be worse. It could be Germany.

    Money isn't everything.

    Just include _ drachmas in the enclosed mailing envelope and send it on to my nephew Liquor Jack in Romania.

    Many good things are certain to then befall you.

  5. Your nephew and his extended family arrived in Hellas shortly after the demise of the god with the golden latrine in 1989; some of them immediately set out to organize small bands of thieves and burglars while others tried to find gainful employment in the Hallowed Hellenic Land of the Financial Bubble that finally burst about five years ago. Most of them have long since returned to their homeland, wiser in the ways of how "democracy" always works more efficiently when its machinery is oiled by big business.


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