Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stopgap Measure

Save your breath, poet— 
It’ll come in handy later

Bridging the void. 


  1. Sensible advice it would seem, though of late, sensibly enough, I've finally begun saving my breath a bit, whenever possible -- well, not really saving it, you can't save something you're short of -- and found that this simply causes the void to seem more profound, unbridgeable and permanent than ever.

    Perhaps however the formula requires, for proper bridge-building, true deep poet-breath? Maybe so, maybe so. Still, as unsettling as it is to consider the void -- all that unfathomable darkness, all that giddy depth -- it's even worse to imagine the place being stunk-up by the casual exhalations of ____.*

    *(insert here the name or names of particularly noisome notable poets of the present epoch)

  2. No name in particular comes to mind just now but in the meantime we should be aware that saving one’s breath does come with some extraordinary metaphysical perks all poets should strive after as a first step in achieving that much sought after goal of immortality.


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