Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cryptic Relativity

There’s a where 
We all come from 
And there’s a where

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

We all go—here’s where 
We all are, never aware 
We never were. 


  1. I love this! A rabbit going down its own ... well, now—that metaphor isn't going to work. You know what I mean. Think ouroboros, hungering itself into nullity, which is after all the underlying condition...

  2. Yes, indeed--our good friend the tail-devourer--the ultimate underground connection--thanks, Joseph.

  3. Aye, but there is the related cryptic fact that it can grow more and more difficult to know where we were, so that not remembering we were here doesn't necessarily mean we weren't here (if you get what I mean, Dwight).

    "We were always here before," the stunning formulation of the suffering philosopher Roky Erikson, pretty much sums it up, sort of.

  4. Huuklyeand Cinquor mailed me a sneak preview of a lyric from Roky's stunning new comeback album: "I was always here before so I think it's high time I got off this elevator before it gets to the 13th floor" (refrain--"no more double jeopardy for me no more"). Jesus, I hope Huuk doesn't feel moved enough to wax poetically about this revelation.


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