Friday, October 24, 2014


In short: 

Your plight does sound hapless with you down 
There up to your wannabe neck 
In it but no need 

To get ruffled 
Over the gravity 
Of the situation— 

Just roll over 
On the floor 
And die 

While a world busting 
Its gut laughs one less ass off, 


  1. A hearty Yes! exploded from deep within him, along with his stomach contents (fortunately for the audience, he'd had only a light bowl of cereal -- skim milk of course -- for breakfast).

    Indeed, it's probably only at moments like this, when there's a brief pause from the onrushing stress of events, that things finally become TOTALLY CLEAR.

  2. But to be honest we're going to have to concede it was the really inspiring secondary tremors that made the boy who invented the "ROFLMAO Way" iconic.

    After all, ordinary kids don't go around being possessed with the ability to body-slam enemies A THIRD OF THEIR OWN WEIGHT!!

    (It's for this reason, I reckon, that the curious adage developed: "A poem should not mean, but pwnz".)


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