Monday, September 29, 2014

Gravitational Pull

Believe it or not, 

What he wanted always fell 
Within reach or it did not, 

And he always rose 
To the occasion, 

Whether it was what 
He wanted or not. 


  1. Ah, those pesky Kierkegaardisms.

    But on a more concrete level, I like the gravity analogy: of things falling randomly towards a predetermined hard place.

  2. cf. Porchia, from "Voices":

    "When I throw away what I don't want, it will fall within reach."

  3. ... strange middle of the night ghostly double emerged from shadows to read along here, imagining a sort of ultimate retirement banquet...

    Whether it was what
    He wanted or not.

    And he accepted that gold watch
    Said thank you

    Went home
    Put it in a drawer

    Wrapt in a sock
    And was not

    Again heard from.

  4. Forsooth--a strange case of him not being enraptured enough by such a timely and munificent gift!


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