Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rising to the Occasion

The sun’s still hiding behind 
The ridge of the mountains 
Waiting for the day to begin 

Something quivering 
Deep inside 
The dark sleeping martyred 

Earth lightly nudges you, 
It’s high time you rose 
To seek salvation, too. 


  1. A wonderful paradox, this: after all, which comes first, dawn or dusk? Why do all of our most intriguing insights spring from troubling contrasts?

    I'd say it's more rather like the condition of a sleeper's dark troubling dream just as the "Earth lightly nudges you". Damn, the choice is always fatefully ours!

  2. Thanks, Conrad; BTW, I'm sure you're familiar with the poem written by Horace, which touches on the subject of this "dark troubling dream".


  3. For someone who no longer sleeps much and finds it all but impossible to rise and face the world any more, this poem offers a taste of what is most needed, more and more with each passing day... a bit of courage, and a sense that there's a reason.

  4. I couldn't have said it any better, Tom, and your blog is ample proof that there are still poets out there who have the courage to go against the grain that is turning most of the world's inhabitants into mindless automatons.

  5. "— be wise, be truthful, strain the wine"

    I'd gladly clink glasses with you both today (if I could)

  6. Conrad,

    That would be something!

    PS. Though I live in the land of "Honey and Milk" (Meligalas), I"m happy to report there's also a lot of that truth serum available round these parts.

  7. keep the Retsina coming ! the cheap stuff. and we'll dance the Round Dance through
    the night ... and sing songs to Palinurus

  8. Though the wine be cheap, the company promises to be priceless--opa, manges!


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