Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The loudspeakers keep 
The message of the liturgy 
Resounding throughout 
The village and even if 
They should want, it is hard 
For those outside the church 
To ignore. Such urgency! 

But there’s more— 

If the wind should blow
Just right towards where 
You’re going about your work, 
With no effort at all you can 
Still hear the crystal-clear voice 
Of a lone shepherdess calling 
Her wayward flock home. 


  1. Beautiful, Vassilis. Makes me think of all the shepherdesses in Don Quixote. The persistence of the old ways, eh?

  2. Thanks, Joe. BTW, being an old hand at the game (she's been at it most of her life and she's in her late 70s AND still quaffs a kilo or so wine a day), the lady in question knows all her different four-footed wards on sight and takes no guff from any of them. Of course, she has the requisite sheepdogs but still, it's no easy chore managing a flock of 50-some sheep day in, day out.


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