Friday, November 8, 2013


Sheets of lightning vault across 
A leaden sky on the dome rain 
Thunders down under the terrible 
Eye of the Pantocrator the huddled 
Faithful trampled underneath the crypt 
Remains sealed no one asks why. 


  1. really liked this one. Re-looked at it six times. :)

  2. Annie,

    I'm not going to ask why you looked at it six times but I'm glad you liked it enough to do so!:)

  3. I'll answer anyway. :) Because the lack of punctuation offerss myriad interpretations, but mostly, I mostly liked how it *sounded* when read aloud. And second, it kept drawing me back, hinting of 'look closer, there's more here than what you think'. So I did, and there was. (My verification word was "umsness:).

  4. Well done, Annie--couldn't have done better myself! :)


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