Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's About Time You Told Me So

It’s gone before 
You know it but 

Since you asked, 
I’ll tell you all 

I know and then 
Leave you 

In the lurch 
To think about it— 

Please don’t 
Stop before 

The watchman says no. 


  1. There is an elusive but undoubtedly precious Something whereof it is probably futile to speak (for it will obviously continue to elude us forever, escaping further out of reach the more we attempt ineffectually to pin it down) to which this fine poem, like others given us here, temptingly beckons.

    The not quite grasping is a great part of the mystery which is perhaps the source of much of the pleasure.

    (It is always lovely to be reminded of those important things of which one suspects much but in the end knows absolutely nothing!)

  2. As always, you've elucidated eloquently on an elusive subject. Thanks for taking the time once again.


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