Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Last Look Back

Time running out, 
The last time 

You looked, the world was still 
As moving as you hope 

It will be the last time you look. 


  1. Ah,

    the genius of Heraclitus: yes, my friend,
    the last time is always the last time

  2. I tend


    in the

    that I

  3. Thanks, friends.

    Before writing this, I had in mind a dear friend and poet about my age who was told a few weeks back he had a few more months to live.

  4. It's always moving, until it stops.

    The spin cycles getting narrower, tighter...

    No graceful way to step off the carousel, for all the lies the living invent to console themselves.

    ("S/He passed peacefully, in her/his sleep..." And that will have been the first time it ever happened.)

  5. My condolences to you and friends, Vassilis...

  6. Lovely, Vassilis. One would hope to grieve for the world, but there's always the other way, the turning away, as with Williams' grandmother:

    What are all those
    fuzzy looking things out there?
    Trees? Well, I'm tired
    of them and rolled her head away.

    One would rather depart like Blake, singing one's songs in a state of ecstasy....

  7. Billy Blake went out in a blaze of fire wheareas it seems as if the good doc's grandma got tired of trying to tell the forest from the trees.

  8. little fuzzy black "trees"
    and termites are as-we-speak
    growing in and eating up
    the priceless papers. notes, journals,
    correspondences. photos, mss drafts,
    & et ceteras that are in non-acid-free
    boxes (14 of them) archived in my too
    leaky, humid shed ....

    I'm tellin' y'all now ... RIGHT NOW,
    I ain't leaving this Paradise
    until I get even
    my 1972 Okeanos Rhoos safely into this
    comp-yout-her [computer]
    so's I can unconditional, and finally
    write a poem or draw an image of
    &kiss her ass goodbye

    (meanwhile, the all-knowing Doctor Doom
    says that I have 20-30 more years to go
    so, I better take these little $33 a pill pills
    to make sure that I reach my 100 th birthday !

    then i can say:

    " all these cute girls.... my muses....
    I'm tired of them" and roll my head away"

  9. Speaking of papers, notes, journals etc., Bob Lax had his one-room house on Patmos full of books and boxes bursting with little memo tablets full of his poems when Eleni and I visited him in 1994; if I remember correctly, he told us some university students were to archive and upload everything onto a computer—a herculean task but I think most of what Bob wrote has been saved.
    BTW, since I’m a few years younger than your eminence, before you roll your head away from all those cute little girls—your muses—roll them my way. One’s never too old for one more shot of inspirational gratification.

  10. before a cute grad-student gets to my "stuff" the worms and bugs will have eaten the archives.... and me !

    these days
    it is all that I can do to roll my eyes and/or pee strait....
    as for my last muse ?

    here-in are some images of her
    as I saw her.... (

    the print version has the images/art in B/W
    on the e-book thing.... color .....

    as far as I know

    Moria's total print-run sold out.

    sorry that I didn't track dow Bob Lax when I was in Greece and near him


    I did [ other things ] with ..... what's her name ?

  11. not an Harpy but, rather a Shrike as here:

    "shrike" has a good sound to just-what-she-was

    and after this bird impales it s prey the victim
    (as well as the she-victor) lets out an horrific s h r i e k !

    then, just as an Harpy does... feasts on the carcuss ....

    what was that horrific bird in Greek Mythology ? and her story ?

  12. I have Robert Graves’ two-volume edition of The Greek Myths stashed somewhere in my library and could spend an enjoyable hour or two browsing for it but in this day and age of cyber-myths,
    everybody Googles!

  13. yeah... but I found the Stymphalion Birds...
    and thought that an Harpy was / is a Bald Eagle....

    (hey: this google "thing" really works ! No wonder the world's Kulcher is "in the toilette"...
    everyone is privy (no pun intended) to the same frikin information and use the same tools ...

    you got an e-mail address.... not that I have much to say: however these blog-dialogues (suck) .


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