Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Tom Clark Poem

Like a fleeting heart 
Beat that causes me to stop 
To catch my breath 

Wherever it was 
I was going. 



  1. Of course I love this and find it absolutely brilliant in every way, Vassilis.

    In the wake of the accident/head injury, by the by, it HAS been difficult to remember wherever it was I was going, if indeed I was going anywhere. (I was advised to consult a neuropsychiatrist. But anything with psyche in it -- well, that's all Greek to me.)

  2. Thank you, Tom but before you get carried away with accentuating your "weak" points, you should know that "psyche" in modern Greek also means "staying power, guts, stamina" and you certainly have plenty of those qualities, so it ain't "all Greek to you," is it?


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