Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busker Klee Shayd Tudéth’s “Skid Row Pedestrian Spiel”

(Key of lachrymose acrimony) 

Someday I’m gonna get that
Tin-eared Tin Pan Alley plugger
Who done this to me and make him pay—
One way or another, bet your bottom dollar
He’ll get what’s coming, come what may.

While we’re waiting, mister
You sure do look familiar, so don’t give me
That idiomatic song and dance
‘bout times being hard—You 
Can’t spare a dime? Like hell!
I hear platters are a dime a dozen
On Easy Street. And me?
I ain’t eaten in a week.


  1. And here I thought I was the only one who knew about Tudéth! (A Swiss-Romanian Arab, so I've heard.) I plan to go all conceptual on his (or her) ass and appropriate this lyric and a number of others for my new chapbook, Purr Loft. I'm taking up busking to pay for the printing....

  2. Ha, ha--great idea, Joe and I'm with you all the way but only if we split the Conceptual Prophets in half! Incidentally, Klee Shayd Tudéth was last seen busking in front of the Poetry Foundation's premises.


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