Thursday, August 18, 2011

Traces (1)


your shadow not

of itself, a burning

display of incrimination.


Life Lines

along the line

you draw, another

longer one reigns



Sense of Solitude

you want to impart,

dispense with it

like the wind

parting pines.


If it is

all the same

to you, I’ll take

all you have

and then some, too.


  1. "Sense of Solitude" is a gem, not just in terms of masterful word play but its striking "letting go" wisdom.

    I see creative "dissonances" in all of them.


  2. Thanks, Conrad for your kind words on these somewhat "slight" efforts; as a gloss on Traces, two days ago I somewhat automatically began to write down the first word/phrase that came into my mind, with the intention of getting in and out of the poem as quickly as possible with few or no revisions but still leaving traces of where I was. I don't know where this urge is going to take me but I'm willing to follow it for as long as it wants me to tag along!


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