Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Three Stages of the World According to Monsanto

Where we find our indefatigable poetic muckraker plowing through the once-fruitful, now seedy lower forty only to find nothing out there standing but the husks of sodbusters stalked to death by a transmogrified jolly Green Giant.


  1. But suppose that gm seeds are not owned and sold by multinationals but under the control of farmerscooperatives?
    And what if gm seeds help against food insecurity and worldwide poverty because with less chemical inputs their yields are much higher than traditional seeds?

  2. Peter,

    I leave the questions of policy up to the policy makers at NGOs and farmer cooperatives all over the world who are (or should be) responsible for such things. Let's hope the decisions they make are less damaging to the world in the long run than bad poetry is. Thanks for commenting!


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