Thursday, May 27, 2010


You have not yet begun
The assault on the mountain

And already the air is making you giddy.


  1. Today, aspects of the blogosphere are making me feel this way, Vassilis - giddy and doubtful - and I'm beginning to wonder whether it's worth the climb.

  2. I read the words, then noticed the title. Adding "Parnassian" it's a different poem entirely. Myriad 'meanings' emerge, depending on who the you is. Use of the adjective "assault" engendered yet another interpretation. Interesting! Thanks Vassilis

  3. Elisabeth,

    Thanks for this response. I wonder if perhaps the responses to your latest posts on your blog are making you feel so ambivalent about it. Your blog is very popular and I assume it consumes a lot of your creative energy--especially when you reply to each comment individually. I don't think I could do that for long and I marvel at people like you and William who do such a damn good job of it!


    Ah, yes, you've discovered one of my little "ploys"--the title as extension of a poem's meaning! Thanks for responding.


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