Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tiny Tortoise vs Silver Knight

Tiny Tortoise was found on its back close to death near the formidable walls of Ancient Messene last Sunday afternoon. I had stopped for "nature call" (#1) and while doing so, I spied what looked like a
curious-looking, green-and-white checkered pebble to my left. Upon picking it up, I saw that it was a miniscule tortoise that seemed lifeless but I just couldn't tell. Remembering something I had read in one of Kazantzakis' books, I decided to find out. Quickly cupping it in my hands, I started to warm it with my breath; soon its little legs were moving and its head slowly emerging from its shell. I put it in the trunk of the car and took it to Meligalas, where it is now free to roam our spacious, weed-infested garden to eat whatever its little heart desires. Knowing that I might never see Tiny again, I first put him/her next to Silver Knight (all of 10cm tall) and took this picture to remind me how brave this spunky little critter really is.


  1. There are no coincidences: Perhaps it was he/she who found *you*. :) What a delightful little tale.

  2. ...and mum says that you lack sensibility...!! She doesn't know what she is talking about..

    Love you Daddy!

  3. ... I meant "sensitivity" yes!! Too much math homework can do weird things to your brain...hahaha!

  4. If you think maths can do weird things to your head, you should try poetry--therein perhaps lies your salvation....hahaha!


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