Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Figures

So before you
Become just another


Carry your self over
To the next column


To be tallied,
Mark off the cipher

No longer there.


  1. The tally's what's worrisome, yes? And what else to do but carry on? What a lovely poem—the echoes keep ringing outward...

  2. Funny! The code word I had to enter for the previous comment was "depay." (!)

  3. One of those thoughts that leaves you shifting from one foot to another and looking over your shoulder and wondering. Isn't cipher a wonderful word, such a plurality of meaning in its two syllables, and such a nice contrast of sound. All of those code words you have to enter to make comments are sort of ciphers, and I often think the thingit that generates them has a sense of humour, or at least a slightly warped sense of appropriatness. At least when its awake. Someone should write poems using them.

  4. Agsnoll, for instance, which I just entered. (snoll) Occult breast lesion localization plus sentinel node biopsy
    (Ag) Attogram, the SI derivative unit of mass
    Not very poetic I guess, but certainly appropriate for It Figures.

  5. Funny thing, Mairi--I have an open word document on my computer into which I have been entering those words as I come across them, specifically so I could write a whole poem using them! :) Perhaps we should all do that--a fun challenge? Would be interesting to see what comes out.

  6. Thank you all for your comments! Interesting that this poem triggered a chain of responses focusing on randomly(?)generated code words. Makes one wonder--is there a conspiracy out there?

    ps."depay" indeed, priceless, Joe!

  7. I have been, and shall always remain your friend,

    donsey defulfa


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