Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Presentiment

Verily we feel
Our bones shall follow

The wake,
To wake

In the dark
Of the morrow,

To find the glow-
Worm's glimmer,

Its spineless undulating underbelly

Our very marrow.

(First published in Kater Murr's Press)


  1. Powerful and haunting. The archaic feel of the first word, "Verily," works well with the poem's tones (and is followed by another word that feels out of the past, "morrow," and "morrow" of course leads to "marrow"). Excellent poem published by an excellent press.

  2. J,

    Thanks; you might have added--in reference to Kater Murr's--" excellent press [edited by an excellent poet, David Miller]."


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